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Coffee Or Not (Belgien)

4.-letztes Konzert der NotenDiele – Frischer Pop aus Brüssel | Abendkasse+1€

Freitag - 30. September 2016 - Beginn 20.30 - Einlass 19.30

Coffee Or Not is a Belgian band based in Brussels. Soho and Renaud record music quite electric but where vocal harmonies have an important place. After two albums, their third record, 'SoRe', is now darker, more tense, even stormy. From introspective loops to cymbals bursts, or from ethereal pads to shouts, this is now more about tickling the guts than the ears.
Soho and Renaud recorded each instrument at home and often perform live with bass player Frédéric Renaux. This way they offer wide and captivating concerts, backed by last years gigs at Botanique, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels Summer Festival and Réservoir Paris in 2013.

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