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Gil Hockman (ZA)

Folk-Indie-Electro aus Johannesburg/Südafrika | Abendkasse+1€

Samstag - 28. November 2015 - Beginn 20.30 - Einlass 19.30

Gil Hockman is a singer-songwriter from Johannesburg, South Africa. He sings songs about all sorts of stuff but mainly about ex-girlfriends and existential angst. His genre is ‘post-folk': he used to play folk and now he plays other stuff too. Gil currently divides his time between his home town and Berlin.

In April 2014 Gil released his second full length album, Dolorous. On Dolorous Gil has expanded his style from being generally straight forward singing-and-guitar to include all sorts of other things.

Dolorous follows on from the EP called All The things which was released in March 2013 and Gil’s debut album album Too Early In The Journey (2011). All three releases can be found at gilhockman.bandcamp.com. You also can find plenty other tracks at soundcloud.com/gilhockman.

In 2013 Gil also composed his first film score for the documentary Fatherland and his songs won the Best Soundtrack award at the 2015 Fusion Audience Choice Awards for the film I Am Juli.

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